Converting and adapting tankers

Our service department offers tanker conversion and adaptation according to the customer's wishes. Here are some of our conversions and adapted tankers.

Skanol A/S

Oil/petrol tanker fitted with a tank and product pump, as well as an adapted outflow pipe, and a VBG air servo with in cab indicator. The tank and associated parts have been stripped and painted, as has the truck chassis and axles, and reflectors and logos have also been affixed.

Marius Pedersen A/S

Renovation and transfer of used sludge vacuum system. The tank and some larger components have been removed from the old vehicle and refurbished.  In addition, a vacuum cassette, boom and transportation drum have been fitted, which were previously not part of the system.
All other equipment such as cabinets, hoses, hydraulics, air, control systems etc. have been replaced with new components. Finally, the system has been painted and mounted on a new chassis and looks like a completely new vehicle.

The energy company Vegger

The slurry tanker has been renovated. Among other things, the tank has been polished and transferred and been fitted with a lighted logo plate, complete hydraulic system with PVG block and replacement filters etc. The boom has been renovated and fitted with a full control system in a plastic box, the piping has been modified and a VM Tarm centrifugal pump fitted along with new side valves. Also, a bulge in the tank has been repaired, a hose box removed from the right side of the tank and a VM Tarm slurry safety valve fitted to the manhole.


The oil tanker has been given a complete overhaul. The tank has been moved to a new chassis, and completely new hydraulic tubes, toolbox and stainless side covers have been installed. The tank and chassis have also been painted.

Hustved & Skeie Transport AS

The fodder cart has been renovated, with replacement of the following:
• Front end wall
• Damaged panel on the tank's left side
• Gangway, cover plate, ladder and, external side protection
The entire tank has also been painted.

Johansen Transport AS

The trailer has been renovated, including the installation of a new undercarriage with three BPW axles and Alcoa Dura Bright aluminium rims. The tank now also has a product pump installed, and hub and tank have been painted.

Martin Børsting Maskinstation

The tank has been expanded from 34,000 to 39,000 litres. The chassis has been modified to 4 axles, consisting of the 3 existing fixed axles and a new BPW trailing axle. The existing 8" crane has been replaced with a newer second-hand 10" crane.
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