Customer claims

The following procedure applies to customer claims (complaints):
1. Contact VM Tarm a/s
Responsible for customer claims:
Service Manager Mikkel Keller
Tel. no.: +45 97 37 16 44
2. Repairs
All repairs must be made at VM Tarm a/s' service workshop, unless otherwise agreed, cf. Orgalime S 2012.
If an external workshop is approved, items 3 and 4 must be followed.
3. External workshop
Referral is made to a workshop, or the customer's workshop is approved for the repair work. The workshop must document the repair work with the expected time spent and any parts used. The parts considered to be covered by the customer claim must be documented photographically and submitted electronically to VM Tarm a/s.
The external workshop must also receive a purchase order number from VM Tarm a/s, before the work commences.
4. After the repair work
All parts that are the subject of a customer claim must be sent to VM Tarm a/s, unless otherwise agreed. Parts that are sent from VM Tarm a/s will be invoiced and subsequently credited after VM Tarm a/s has received and approved the parts that have been replaced.
Remember to include the completed customer claim report. Find the customer claim report here.
If VM Tarm a/s does not receive the returned parts, or the parts are not found to be defective/deficient, the customer/workshop itself must cover the costs of the repair.
If repair commences without VM Tarm a/s being contacted, VM Tarm a/s reserves the right to reject the invoice.

Service Manager
Mikkel Keller
+45 99 48 33 49