Major repairs of tanker

Our service department can perform major repairs to any type of tanker. We can, for example, extend tank volume, fit a new chassis, extra axles or new electrical installations and adapt existing cabins. Here are some of our major tanker repairs.


The front carriage and trailer have both had damage to the tank repaired, as well as to the gangway, pipes, ladders, under-run protection for cyclists and lights. The tanks have been cleaned, filled and painted after the repairs.
On the trailer the drawbar has been replaced, the 3rd axle has been refurbished and finally, the damaged air springs on the undercarriage have been replaced.
The tank on the front carriage has been transferred to a new chassis and has been fitted with a new bulk compressor on the side of the chassis.

Brdr. Hansen A/S

The front carriage has had the tank renovated and painted. The trailer's tank has been extended and changed from three to four axles. In addition, a completely new chassis has been installed, as well as a Wabco EBS-E brake system and Alcoa aluminium wheels. Both the front carriage and trailer have new hosing, cabinets and various lights and beamlights. 
The vehicle set is equipped with an extendible draw bar, so that it can run between Norway and Sweden.

Hansa Borg Bryggeri A/S

Tank damage repaired.

Trond Råkil Transport AS

The chemical tank's volume has been expanded from 19,000 to 25,100 litres. The trailer also has the following installed:
- A complete new rustproof undercarriage with
  SAF axles, rustproof suspension brackets and
  JOST supporting legs
- New Wabco brake control valves, air hoses,
  air tanks, etc.
- New kingpin structure and new kingpin plate.
- Complete new ADR equipment, and new cyclist shields on either side.
- Complete new lighting equipment.

Total Transport Bergen A/S

The trailer e.g. has:
- A new chassis with 3 SAF axles, Wabco EBS-E
  RSS 4S/3M brake system and new tyres and
  wheel rims.
- A new rustproof driving shield.
- A complete new cabling network and new lights.
- A new pump and hydraulic tubes mounted in an existing side cabinet.
The tank interior is also stained, to facilitate cleaning.

Nielsen & Kokkersvold AS

The trailer has a new shell plate and a large valve cabinet equipped with a Börger pump and various pipes. Tank consoles, end-bases, axles and supporting legs have been varnished.
The old undercarriage of black steel has been changed to a stainless steel undercarriage. In addition, a completely new Wabco EBS-E Premium RSS 4S/3M brake system, together with new brakes, axle shafts, shock absorbers and bearings, has been installed.
Sales Consultant
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