Milk tankers

The milk segment is the cornerstone of VM Tarm (VM stands for “Western Jutland Dairy Service”). Over several decades we have developed and manufactured milk tankers in co-operation with our customers.
This long-time experience has given us a wide knowledge of physical transport conditions, hygiene handling, pump cabin design, controls and tank types.
Our milk tank constructions, carriers, trailers and carts can be delivered with top manlids as well as side manlids.
All of our milk tanks are subject to Bactoforce inspection. This fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) – also called dye penetrant inspection – is followed by ultraviolet radiation. This is a highly sensitive method to find minor defects, such as cracks, pores, etc. This process will help to ensure that all of our tankers meet the high food safety standards.
See our latest deliveries of milk tankers here:

Sales and Marketing Manager - Milk tankers
Holger Ross Lauritsen
+45 97 37 16 44
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