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Trailer tanker adapted to new weight rules

At the turn of the year, VM Tarm a/s delivered a front carriage and trailer to Frödinge Tanktransport AB in Sweden.
The front carriage has a volume of 14,500 litres in one compartment, and includes pump equipment and data equipment for milk collection.
With a tank volume of 31,000 litres in one compartment, the trailer is adapted to the new weight rules in Sweden which permit a total weight of 38 tonnes, with boogies of 18 tonnes and 20 tonnes, respectively. This gives the trailer tanker an overall total weight of 64 tonnes.
The tankers are also equipped with lateral hatch covers and automatic ventilation of the tanks. This means that the haulage contractor does not have to access the tanks on a daily basis.
The trailer tanker will transport milk for the Skåne Dairies.
Technical specifications – Front carriage
Tank profile: Circular tank, Ø 1,900 mm.
Tank shell: 3 mm stainless steel, quality AISI 304.
Volume: 14,500 litres.
Number of compartments: 1
Insulation: 50 mm.
Equipment: Cabin equipment for milk collection.
Technical specifications – Trailer
Tank profile: Circular tank, Ø 1,950 mm.
Tank shell: 3 mm stainless steel, quality AISI 304.
Volume: 31,000 litres.
Number of compartments: 1
Insulation: 50 mm.
If you would like to know more, please contact our sales consultant Jacob Hindsig (, telephone: (+45) 51 54 16 44.
January 2016

VM Tarm a/s opens service departments in Norway and England

In order to better service our customers, in cooperation with our service partners we are opening new workshops in Norway and England as from 1 January 2016. The services offered include:
• Various repairs.
• Sale of spare parts from VM Tarm's warehouse.
• 24-hour service.
If you need to know more, please do not hesitate to contact Service Manager Mikkel Keller by email at or call him on.: (+45) 99 48 33 49.
Read more about the new service departments in Norway and England here.
December 2015

Tanker collection

The Service Department offers to collect your tanker in Denmark for service or repair at VM Tarm's service workshop. This will save you or your employee's time spent on driving and waiting.
Our driver is always ready to collect your tanker, wherever it is, and when this suits you best.
The price for collecting a tanker is DKK 480 per hour.
November 2015

Newly-developed, lightweight trailer delivered to Norway

VM Tarm a/s has recently developed and delivered a new, lightweight PED semi-trailer to Grønaasen Transport AS in Norway. Based on the Tank Trailer of the Future, the trailer has been weight-optimised according to the customer's wishes.
The trailer has a cylindrical tank of 43,000 litres in total, in 3 compartments with 100 mm insulation and 3 axles, of which axle 1 has an axle lift and the rear axle can be rotated.
In spite of its total volume, the trailer has a total weight of only 6,530 kg.
Technical specifications
  • Tank profile: Cylindrical tank, diameter 2,100 mm.
  • Tank shell: 2 mm acid resistant matt steel.
  • Permit: Pressure tank approved to 2 bar.
  • Number of compartments: 3 compartments of 7,500, 28,000 and 7,500 litres.
  • Insulation: 100 mm insulation (50 mm glass wool and 50 mm styrofoam).
  • Chassis: VM Tarm - made of lightweight, high-strength steel, galvanised. 
  • Landing legs: Jost aluminium landing legs.
  • Axles: SAF Intradisk OFF Road T22 with disc brakes.
The newly-developed trailer will be hauled by a Volvo F16 Interial from 1991, which has been renovated and overhauled. One could call this the combination of new developments and nostalgia.
September 2015

Emergency aid

In response to one of the largest humanitarian crises for many years, VM Tarm has donated emergency assistance for refugees from the war in Syria.
These funds are channelled via DanChurchAid, which helps to provide food, blankets, clothes and shelter locally in refugee camps within and outside Syria. This aid helps internally displaced people in this extremely difficult situation.
September 2015

Quality assurance of all food tankers

As an element of our quality assurance, in future VM Tarm a/s will perform non-destructive inspections of all of our newly-built food tankers, e.g. milk tankers.
This fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) – also called dye penetrant inspection – is followed by ultraviolet radiation. This is a highly sensitive method to find minor defects, such as cracks, pores, etc.
This process will help to ensure that all of our tankers meet the high food safety standards.
Besides inspection of all newly-built food tankers, our service workshop also performs inspection of any damaged food tankers when they are repaired.
For further information about our quality assurance, please contact us ( on tel. no.: (+45) 97 37 16 44.
August 2015

New CEO of VM Tarm a/s

After serving as acting CEO for a short period, Holger Ross Lauritsen has now been appointed as CEO of VM Tarm a/s.
Aged 36, Holger has a university background from France and Denmark. He has served on VM Tarm's Board of Directors for the last three and a half years, besides active co-ownership of the company together with his father, Knud Lauritsen. Holger is thus the third generation to manage and own the company, which was founded by his grandfather, Bernhard Lauritsen, back in 1962.
Besides ownership of VM Tarm, Holger and Knud Lauritsen are the majority shareholders of A/S, which produces lightweight cabins and trailers in the Czech Republic.
Please welcome our new CEO!  
April 2015

VM Tarm enters into an agreement with NGF Nature Energy

VM Tarm's Danish liquid manure trailers are ready for NGF Nature Energy's biogas plants.
NGF Nature Energy is collaborating with VM Tarm on the delivery of modern, Danish-manufactured liquid manure trailers for the energy company's new biogas plants.
On Wednesday, 14 January, the energy company NGF Nature Energy and the trailer producer VM Tarm signed a framework agreement for the delivery of liquid manure trailers for NGF Nature Energy's new biogas plants in Jutland and on Funen, in Denmark. The first liquid manure trailer with a tank capacity of 39,000 litres rolled out of VM Tarm's factory in western Jutland in March. A total of 12 liquid manure trailers will be delivered during the next few years.
Transporting green energy
During the next 12 months, NGF Nature Energy, which is Denmark's third-largest natural gas company, will be commissioning a number of new biogas plants. The production of green gas for the natural gas network will be based mainly on animal manure that is transported by lorry from the local farms to the plants. On the roads, however, the company's shiny new liquid manure trailers from VM Tarm will – apart from the NGF Nature Energy logo – look no different from e.g. milk trailers. NGF's CEO Ole Hvelplund comments on the agreement:
"We're currently launching extensive green gas production and need both plant and equipment to function optimally from day one. VM Tarm has strong focus on e.g.pump technology – ensuring that we can move the biomass in and out, quickly and easily. In addition, the trailers have a low intrinsic weight, which reduces the burden on our roads. The trailers also have an attractive appearance – and it's important for us to signal that liquid manure can be transported cleanly and effectively."
Danish production over 50 years
Sales engineer Jan Johansen at VM Tarm is looking forward to delivering in accordance with the agreement. This trailer producer based in western Jutland has been producing liquid manure tanks and trailers since the 1980s and was among the first in Denmark to make it possible to transport liquid manure via lorry. All tanks, undercarriages, components and controls are 100% Danish-produced at the company's factory in Tarm:
"NGF Nature Energy will be a key biogas producer, and at VM Tarm we're naturally very happy to be part of this extensive expansion of the market for biomass transport in Denmark. We have more than 50 years' experience within specially produced trailers and tanks, delivering solutions for everything from liquid manure and milk, to fodder and chemicals, with focus on high quality and long durability – so this is a natural role for us to play."
NGF Nature Energy supplies natural gas to customers all over Denmark. At the end of 2015, it will be ready to commission its fourth modern biogas plant, and from the autumn will be able to deliver green gas to consumers throughout the country.
VM Tarm a/s is the Nordic region's largest manufacturer of stainless steel and aluminium tankers for the transport industry, and we are the leader in our market. The company has 180 employees, over 50 years' experience and annual production of 190-200 tankers.
Facts about the trailers delivered to NGF Nature Energy:
• 39,000-litre stainless steel tank
• Stainless steel 4-axle chassis
• 4 SAF axles
• 2 trailing axles
• 1 lifting axle
• 10" stainless steel crane system
• Circulation system
• 2 centrifugal pumps
• 1 rotation pump
• Radio operation with PLC control as back-up
• Central lubrication
• Washing system
March 2015

The Tank Trailer of the Future is 28% lighter

On Friday, 11 April 2014, VM Tarm a/s presented its Tank Trailer of the Future - a four-axle 41,500-litre pressure tank with 3 rooms, and the opportunity for sub-loads in all rooms.
Compared to its competitors, the tank trailer is the lightest in the market and weight-optimised in all aspects to an own weight of just 6,800 kg.
"From the start, the project's aim was a weight reduction by 15%, but the result of 28%, as well as the option of a payload of more than 40 tonnes, with the current weight limit of 54 tonnes in total, far exceeds our expectations," says former technical manager Brian M. Andersen, who adds: "The project is the result of a clear objective to be a market-leading supplier of tankers based on future-proof solutions of high quality."
In the near future, the Tank Trailer of the Future will be tested for the tough life on the road, pulled by a new Volvo FH made available by Autohuset Vestergaard.
Read the Tank Trailer´s technical specifications here.
For further information on the Tank Trailer of the Future, please do not hesitate to contact technical manager Sune Boelskifte ( on tel. no.: +45 97 37 16 44.
April 2014

VM Tarm a/s presents the Tank Trailer of the Future

During the past year, VM Tarm a/s has worked intensively on developing the Tank Trailer of the Future and is now ready to present a prototype on 11 April 2014.
The project has receive financial support from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, with strong focus on reducing the tank trailer's own weight, and equivalently increasing the load capacity.
"The project has been a resounding success, but has also presented some challenges along the way. The result meets all our expectations and we are now looking forward to presenting the result on 11 April 2014,” says Brian M. Andersen, former technical manager at VM Tarm a/s. "With our prototype, we want to show, among other things, how new materials can be used that were previously very little used within road transport."
During the project, VM Tarm a/s was supported by a large number of partners, including SAF Danmark; Volvo, represented by Autohuset Vestergaard; and SSAB (Svensk Stål a/s), who will also attend the presentation.
March 2014

VM Tarm a/s opens service workshop in Sweden

To serve our customers in Sweden better, we have opened a new service workshop in Jönköping in co-operation with Henry's Hydraulics & Maskin AB as of 1 February 2014. The new service workshop can offer:
• Various repairs.
• Transfer of the tank to a new chassis.
• Sale of spare parts from VM Tarm stock.
• 24 hour service.
For further information, please contact our service manager Sune Boelskifte ( on tel. +45 99 48 33 39
Read more about our new service workshop in Sweden here.
February 2014

Supplier of milk tankers for TINE in Norway

VM Tarm a/s has just signed an agreement with Norway's largest dairy group TINE for the supply of milk tankers in 2014 and 2015.
Our long-time experience has given us a wide knowledge of physical transport conditions, hygiene handling, pump cabin design, controls and tank types.
We can offer milk tank constructions, carriers, trailers and carts. They can be delivered with top manlids as well as side manlids.
We focus on weight optimization because it can affects your fuel consumption, the environment and the optimization of the payload.
Read more about our milk tankers here.
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Jacob Hindsig ( on tel. +45 51 54 16 44. 
January 2014

Delivery of 5 feed tankers with carts

This week, we delivered 5 feed tankers with carts to Felleskjøpet Agri, which is Norway's largest feed company.
The tankers have the following specifications:
Feed tanker
Volume: 35.1 m³
Number of rooms: 6
Tank shell: Aluminium
Pressure tank
5" Holmes fan
Sand spreader, type Autoline S90
VBG 795 trailer cart with power actuator
Feed cart
Volume: 23.4 m³
Number of rooms: 4
Tank shell: Aluminium
Pressure tank
Stainless chassis frame
Two 10 t BPV shafts with disc brakes
Complete LED/diode lights
Read more about our feed tankers here.
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact sales consultant Jan Johansen ( on tel. no. +45 40 38 50 33.
January 2014

Large order for 15 semi-trailers

VM Tarm A/S has just received a large order for 15 semi-trailers for our client, DSV Road A/S.
Each semi-trailer will carry 30,000 litres in a single tank. Each semi-trailer will be equipped with 3 slosh baffles, CIP turbines, top manhole cover, 100 mm insulation, ATP approval and fibre glass cladding.
The three-axle semi-trailers will be made in stainless steel. The stainless steel tank and chassis will be optimised to maximise capacity.
The trailers will initially be used to transport whey (a milk product) from the UK to Denmark on behalf of Arla Foods.
We will deliver a total of 15 semi-trailers in two stages, in May and August 2014, respectively.
If you need to know more, please do not hesitate to contact Jacob Hindsig by email or call him on.: +45 51 54 16 44.
January 2014

New opportunities with a new type of liquid manure trailer

We have just delivered this 38,000-litre ADR-approved liquid manure trailer, which is the first ADR-approved liquid manure trailer in Denmark.
The liquid manure trailer is developed and delivered in collaboration with ISS Kloak- & Industriservice A/S.
The ADR-approved liquid manure trailer gives ISS Kloak- & Industriservice A/S new opportunities to use the liquid manure trailer outside the liquid manure season. Like a vacuum truck, the liquid manure trailer is equipped with a spray pump, spray hose and tank for clean water.
The liquid manure trailer has a net load capacity of 31,220 kg.
Read more about our liquid manure trailers here, and see who we have delivered to in 2013.
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact Jan Johansen ( on tel. no. +45 40 38 50 33.
December 2013

VM Tarm a/s offers tire service

At VM Tarm a/s we have focus on serving our customers in the best possible way. Our service department can from the middle of December 2013 offer sale and mounting of tires for your tanker.  
Our service department can fulfill your requests of tire types and time of mounting. We can in the start of December give you an offer with competitive prices.
For further information please contact our Service Manager Sune Boelskifte ( by tel.:+45 99 48 33 39.
VM Tarm a/s offers service and repair of all types of tankers and tank trailers. Read more about our service department here.
November 2013

Strengthened maintenance and repair shop in Zealand (DK)

In order to strengthen our service department in Zealand (DK), we man up the department with fitters and electricians from our factory in Tarm (DK).
This means, that we now are able to provide the following services at our service department in Zealand (DK):
• Pressure and leak testing
• Maintenance works
• Hydraulic works
• Body works
• Maintenance of EBS-brake systems
• Brake maintenance
• Electrical works
• Sale of spare parts
The service department will be manned with VM Tarm staff form Monday to Wednesday in weeks 41, 45 and 49. Appointments have to be made at least the Wednesday before.
For appointments, please contact our Service Manager Sune Boelskifte ( tel. +45 99 48 33 39.
VM Tarm a/s offers service and repair of all types of tankers and tank trailers. Read more about our service department here.
September 2013

VM Tarm profile video

We have produced a short profile video about VM Tarm a/s and our products. Here you have the opportunity to see our factory, tankers and employees in action.  
View the profile video here.

September 2013

VM Tarm a/s sponsors Skjern Handball

As part of our marketing and profiling of VM Tarm a/s, we have chosen to sponsor Skjern Handball men's league from the next season 2013/14. We are looking forward to follow the boys after the summer.  
Read more about Skjern Handball here.  
June 2013

VM Tarms a/s granted 2m DKK to develop the tanker-trailer of the future

Today’s focus on reduction of the environmental impact of lorries on the roads is increasing. A particularly important prerequisite for reducing the fuel consumption is the tare weight of lorry and trailer.
VM Tarm wants to lead the way in the research by developing the tanker trailer of the future with a reduced tare weight and an increased payload. Therefore, VM Tarm has received a DKK 2m grant by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency for this development project.
A reduced tare weight will provide a higher payload, so that the same lorry can transport more. A 5% better utilisation of the payload will supersede every 20 lorries, which will reduce the fuel consumption and the total environmental impact.
”The purpose of the project is to impart financial and environmental benefits to the market by constructing lighter tanker-trailers. At the same time it is also important to us to make an appealing solution for hauliers and drivers, as they will gain a financial benefit by being able to transport more with the same resources,” says Brian M. Andersen, former technical manager at VM Tarm, who is very pleased with the grant from the Danish Environmental Protection Agency. 
The project extends over a year and is expected to finish with a prototype that is ready to be approved and tested for use.
Wide range of products
We are at the cutting edge of development, and with the customer in focus, we construct and manufacture competitive, high-quality, lightweight and long-lasting tankers for five main segments. 
For further information or a visit from one of our sales consultants, please contact us by phone: +45 97 37 16 44 or mail:
April 2013

Professional service workshop – now also available in Zealand, Denmark

As the largest manufacturer of stainless steel tankers in the Nordic market, VM Tarm a/s offers service and repair of all types of tankers and tank trailers.  
To serve our customers in Zealand, Denmark better, we have opened a new service workshop in Karlslunde in co-operation with OA Opbyg A/S as of 1 October 2012.  
We offer competitive prices and solid craftsmanship.  
Please contact service manager Sune Boelskifte ( by phone no. +45 99 48 33 39 for more information.  
October 2012.

Professional transport of fur animal feed

Being an experienced manufacturer of tankers, VM Tarm a/s also offers professional transport solutions for the fur animal business. With focus on tank transport and our comprehensive clientele, we are markets leaders, when it comes to technical and well-proven solutions.  
We are always ready to display our plant, and the timing for your visit would be most opportune right now, as we are working on the construction of the first four-axle mink feed trailer in Denmark at the moment.  
For more information, please contact our sales representative Jacob Hindsig ( by phone no. + 45 51 54 16 44.   
May 2012.
+45 97 37 16 44