Oil tankers and petrol tankers

VM Tarm a/s offers oil tankers and petrol tankers made from aluminium. The tanks are produced as suitcase-shaped or cylindrical tanks, and quality is one of our key priorities.
We produce oil/petrol tankers, oil/petrol tow trailers and oil/petrol trailers for your specific needs.
Oil tankers and petrol tankers can be delivered with VM Tarm's proprietary steering, or with steering according to your own requirements.
All of our oil tankers and petrol tankers are manufactured according to the current official requirements and relevant approvals, including ADR and ATEX.
We have extensive technical expertise, so that we can offer an oil/petrol tanker that fulfils the various changing requirements made of oil tankers or petrol tankers.
One of VM Tarm's key focus areas is tanker weight optimisation, and we continuously work to reduce the tare weight, to increase the payload, and in that way make you more competitive.
See our latest deliveries of oil/petrol tankers here:

Sales Consultant - Olie and petrol tankers
Jesper Falkenløve
+45 93 39 16 44
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