At VM Tarm we work in production teams of approx. 10-15 employees, including a working foreman.

The production consists of the following workshops: 

  • Welding workshop with certified welders for the welding of tanks.
  • Component workshop with smiths and machine operators for the manufacturing of components (manlids, cabin boxes, gangways etc.) for tank constructions.
  • Chassis workshop with welders/fitters for the manufacturing of carts, trailers, carriers and semi-trailers.
  • Electrical workshop with electricians/technicians for electrical tank construction works and repairs.
  • Assembly workshops with fitters, each with their own area of product specialization.
  • Service workshop with all-round employees for service and repair of own as well as other tanker manufactures.

Furthermore, the production comprises purchasing, warehouse and planning employees.

Production Manager
Karsten F. Lauridsen
+45 99 48 33 25