The technical department

Over the years the technical department at VM Tarm has been armed to solve jobs, which were given up by others. All in all the employees in the department have more than 150 years of construction and design experience, including 80 years of experience in manufacturing tankers.
The work in our technical department is characterized by constructive interaction and on-going dialogues with the customer in question to ensure that this customer receives an optimum solution with regard to mechanics and controls. We want to make absolutely sure that any tanker delivered by us matches its purpose completely. 
Our technicians have the most efficient and updated equipment and software at their disposal, including the latest version of the Solid Works drawing program, which makes development and simulation in three-dimensional sketches and drawings possible.
In addition to the construction of tankers, this department is responsible for the handling of regulatory requirements, such as ADR, ATEX, feedstuff contact materials, CE marking etc.

Technical Manager
Sune Boelskifte
+45 99 48 33 39